Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad

Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad


Australia is an independent Western democracy with a population of more than 22 million. It is one of the world's most urbanised countries, with about 70 per cent of the population living in the 10 largest cities. Most of the population is concentrated along the eastern seaboard and the south-eastern corner of the continent. Australia is the largest island and the smallest continent in the world. It lies between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. It is about 11,000 kilometres southwest of North America and 3,200 kilometres southeast of mainland Asia.We are the Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad.

Australia's lifestyle reflects its mainly Western origins, but Australia is also a multicultural society which has been enriched by over six million settlers from almost 200 nations. Four out of ten Australians are migrants or the first-generation children of migrants, half of them from non-English speaking backgrounds.It is the third largest number of international students studying there, so many students comes here for education. The Indian Students mostly visit the Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad

Two thirds of the indigenous people live in towns and cities. Many others live in rural and remote areas, and some still have a broadly traditional way of life. It is generally thought that Aboriginal people began living on the continent 50,000 to 60 000 years ago, and some authorities believe their occupation may date back 100,000 years.

Australia is the only nation to occupy an entire continent. Its land mass of nearly 7.7 million square kms is the flattest and (after Antarctica) driest of continents, yet it has extremes of climate and topography. There are rainforests and vast plains in the north, snowfields in the south east, desert in the centre and fertile croplands in the east, south and south west. About one third of the country lies in the tropics. Australia has a coastline of 36,735km.

Air travel and the great variety of Australia's attractions are combining to bring more international tourists to Australia every year. Overseas tourists are drawn by Australia's sunshine, sandy beaches, the vast outback, rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef, unique flora and fauna, the Gold Coast of Queensland, and the attractions of the cities, Australia's friendly, multicultural society, and the safe and welcoming environment. Tourism is one of Australia's largest and fastest-growing industries. In 2007, 5.6 million international tourists visited Australia; tourism is an $81 billion industry that employs around 500,000 people.

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Australia is blessed with a climate that ranges from temperate to tropic. Situated in the Southern Hemisphere, its summer months are around Jan-Feb and their winter in June-July. Nearly a third of Australia is in the tropics where the average temperatures are in the mid 20 degrees Celsius. The southern areas are in a temperate zone. The land supports a variety of natural geographical features- sandy beaches, rain forests, deserts, mountains, lakes and rivers. This is turn allows a plethora of flora and fauna to flourish. This large island sustains a wide range of animals – from the humble sheep and cattle to the exotic koalas,and pandas that are unique to this country.Our Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad Team will choose you the best city to live in Australia.


We are the most trusted Australia Education Consultants in Hyderabad to train a student move according to a different culture over there.

Australia's culture was greatly derived from the European lineage, but there are some distinctive Australian characteristics grown from the atmosphere, aboriginal culture and influence of its neighbourhood. Since the past 50 years, the culture of Australia was strongly influenced by the American popular culture, especially movies and television. Literature, movies, opera, music, dance, painting, theatre and crafts are the dynamism and creative arts of Australia, which has achieved global appreciation. The most of the immigrants are from Asian and European countries.

Cost of living in Australia

We are happy to say that we got the name as best Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad. We guide the students about accommodation and cost of living in Australia.

Besides the cost of education in Australia for foreign students, you will need to decide your accommodation and lifestyle according to the budget you have set aside for the purpose. You could choose from an On Campus, Off Campus, Rental, Home stay accommodation, to budget hotels and guesthouses for your stay in Australia. To monitor your cost of education in Australia, it is best that you find out locally what the charges will on the basis of your location.

Education System in Australia - Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad

Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad

Australia is internationally known for its high quality education as well as research excellence. Because the governments keeps a tight control on the working of both the universities and vocational institutes, a high standard of education delivery is able to be maintained.

The government also ensures code of conduct to be followed in educational institutions that is conducive to international students and their parents who send them overseas. Australia provides a friendly, culturally rich, sophisticates as well as being a safe environment to study in. With only the US and UK ahead of it, Australia has the third largest number of international students studying there. While Coming to Indian Students they will prefer to reach the top universities by approaching the Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad

For many students from all over the world, Australia is their first choice of English-speaking study destination. This is because Australian qualifications are world recognized and often lead to good job positions. The study costs are also comparable to the US & UK. Australian qualifications are globally recognized both in terms of as a base for pursuing higher education as well as securing jobs. This is thanks to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) which is a national system of learning pathways recognized throughout Australia and the world.

Education system varies for each country and moreover some of the universities are like autonomous and some of them are government universities which offer free education along with scholarships for foreign students. We are one of the best Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad with the team of experts who has several years of experience in this field.


Australia Universities have 3 intakes

  • Spring: February/March
  • Fall: July/August
  • Winter: November

Major intakes are spring and Fall Intake, but some of the universities are even open for winter intake. However all subjects commence in spring and fall intake.
We at Enlighten Abroad make perfect planning, Being the Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad, once a student joins in our consultancy, the initial step is to know when he is planning to go, so that we can prepare accordingly with respect to the intakes of the country.

Cost of Studying in Australia

Australia offers a very high standard of living, thus making a good place to live in. The cost of study in Australia is comparable to that of the UK and US. Actual tuition fee could vary from institution to institution, depending on location as well as course content.Every Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad should let know the student about cost of studying. Australia as a destination for higher study has grown in popularity because:

  • On an average, a student requires approximately AUD$ 360 per week to meet his/her rent, food, clothing, travel and incidental costs. However, individualistic needs may differ and budgets would have to be suitably worked on.
  • All international students going to Australia must have insurance coverage provided by registered providers in the form of Overseas Student Health Cover. In addition, a student may choose to take additional insurance to cover property, accidents and even loss of baggage, flight changes and repatriation during the initial outbound travel.
  • On landing in Australia on a student visa, a student is allowed to work part time for the duration of study and can thus successfully limit the transfer of funds from India for living expenses.

Tution Fee - Australia Education Consultants in Hyderabad

We are Australia Education Consultants in Hyderabad who suggests you the complete course fee before it begins.

Depending upon what course you are studying in Australia, your average tuition fees or cost of studying abroad in Australia may vary from AUD 6000 to AUD 7000 approximately for a six-month graduate certificate course to over AUD 30000 per annum for a medical degree. You may have to pay approximately AUD 3000 to 4000 for a 20-week certificate course to over AUD 12000 per annum for laboratory or computer intensive advanced courses if you are interested in pursuing vocational education and training. An undergraduate degree in Australia may cost anywhere between AUD 10, 000 and AUD 16, 500 a year depending on what you are studying in Australia – arts, business, economics, law or science and engineering courses. A post graduate degree will cost anywhere between AUD 9000 and AUD 18, 500 a year, depending on whether you are pursuing a graduate certificate, graduate diploma, Master or a Doctorate degree. Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad will guide you the correct path.

Accomodation in Australia

Most universities and colleges can provide accommodation on or near to their campus. University apartments, residential colleges and halls of residence are generally available. As an Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad, we give the best support to plan the student accommodation based on student financial position. Most universities and colleges can provide accommodation on or near to their campus. University apartments, residential colleges and halls of residence are generally available.

International students often enjoy staying at the halls of residence as they have opportunity to mix with many other students on a full-time basis. This is also one of the cheapest options for accommodation. Meals and some cleaning services are usually provided.

Residential colleges provide accommodation with meals. They are slightly more expensive than university Halls of Residence. The facilities are more comprehensive and often include fully serviced rooms, sporting and recreation facilities, computer and internet access and sometimes a library.

The Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad will choose the best place for the Indian Students

International students have the option of sharing accommodation with other students. They are able to share the rent on an apartment or a flat close to the campus. Some Australian families provide home stay accommodation for international students. It is often wise for a student to organise temporary accommodation until they have had a chance to consider the alternatives.

Institutions maintain a register of families prepared to board international students during the academic year. They check to ensure that home stay families are reputable and that they offer accommodation of a reasonable standard. Farm stay accommodation is often available in rural areas. This is an exciting option for students wishing to experience a farming lifestyle.

Backpackers, youth hostels, guest houses and hotels provide a variety of housing options at various costs. Individual universities and colleges are also able to provide information on accommodation available. Prices vary from place to place, so local information is important.

Universities, TAFE institutes and other large education providers have housing offices to assist their students find accommodation. They will be able to provide information on the full range of available housing options, including prices and any rules and regulations you need to know. It may be possible to have temporary accommodation organised for when you first arrive, so there will be time to look around and choose your permanent living arrangement after having personally perused the locations and choices available. This would need to be arranged with the housing office prior to your arrival. There may be a placement fee for the provision of accommodation, either temporary or permanent, which you will need to check with your education provider.

We are a certified Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad to plan your accommodation based on your budget.

Working in Australia

A visa with permission to work enables you to work up to 20 hours a week on a casual basis during course time and full-time during vacation periods. Occasionally family members can also apply for permission to work up to 20 hours a week throughout the year. In the case of master's and Ph.D. students and Aus AID or Defence-sponsored students, family members can apply for permission to work unlimited hours. If you are the family member of a student who has commenced a masters or Ph.D. course, you must bring evidence from the education provider that the student has started this course. Under certain circumstances dependents of students are permitted to work. During vacation the student is allowed to work for 40 hrs per week. On completion of the course, student is allowed to work for 2 years popularly known as PSW (Post Study Work). On completion of their PSW; the student can later apply for work permit visa or Permanent Residency. As an Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad, we educate our students about visa process in Australia.

  • Most students take part-time or casual jobs at some time during their studies. Some jobs are closely tied to courses of study (such as part-time work by law students in solicitors' offices). Some students teach school children or get jobs on campus in the canteen, the bookshop, in the institution's offices and as lab assistants. Some jobs are entirely outside the education community such as bartending, babysitting, gardening, hospitality, sales, computers, restaurants, or fruit picking.
  • We will have plenty of time to do part time job, we as an Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad will make prior plan for part time work opportunities that are available.
  • Some institutions offer a job placement service. If work is available you will need to obtain a tax file number from the Australian Tax Office. You will need to contact them about their requirements and processes.

Career Prospects - Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad

Australia is one of the best study destinations in the world. The majority of Australians derive most part of their income from occupational earnings. The highest occupational groups are professionals including physicians, mathematicians, financial managers, software publishers, computer engineers, hospitality, telecoms, medicine, health care and genetics.

Considering the high-growth and low-inflation economy of Australia, it is a land of bright opportunities for Indians.

The cultural diversity and openness along with use of multiple languages has also made the foreigners find it to be a comfortable place to work in.

The Education Consultants for Australia in Hyderabad will give you the best guidance on career in Australian universities.

The major growing industries are

  • agriculture
  • mining
  • financial services
  • tourism
  • telecom
  • civil

Medicine is another field where foreigners can explore career opportunities in Australia. In order to become a practitioner in this field, one must have studied medicine either in Australia or New Zealand.

Not only the university, it is also important to choose the right course. We as an Australia Education Consultants in Hyderabad make sure that a student is aware of all the career opportunities that are available once the course is completed.

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